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Bolivia Impoverished Childrens Project

In Bolivia, many children do not have a place to go when their parents are imprisoned. So they must go with their mothers and live in a prison with little or no services. Approx. 85% of the mothers went to jail because they planted coca plants. Under Bolivia Law 1008, they have to wait 10 years to demonstrate their innocence. Fortunately, there is an organization which mission is to offer those children a place/school to go, grow and develop their self-steem, and discover their potential.

The C.A.I.C.C. program serves impoverished children from 1 to 17 years of age that live in prison with their parents. Every day, the CAICC transports several kids to school where they are in a safe environment, and receive balanced meals. After school hours, they help them with their homework, and make sure they engage in recreational activities like sports, music and arts while interacting with other children. Teachers and counselors help the kids to improve their problem solving skills and make sure they have a sense of worth.

The CAICC program receives small grants from various non-profit organizations and hands on volunteers from around the globe. . Although, these grants have kept them going for many years; they are not a continuous and stable influx of funds to run the program. 

The GFWC Tampa Junior Woman's helps raise funds for items they need. Due to our fundraising efforts and generous friends, we have raised over $10,000.​

When you donate through us, we ensure the funds go to the needs of the children. Every year in August we make a pilgrimage down to bolivia to evaluate their need and provide them with the much needed supplies or services directly.

Bolivia: What We Do
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